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Top 100 Movies to See Before You Die

Looking for something to watch while stuck inside quarantine during the pandemic? This is my list I have personally chosen very carefully and methodically over the years. These movies all changed the industry forever and inspired other newer movies to be made as well. Most of the films listed below are considered "culturally significant". In order, I present to you my favorite all time movies you must see before you die.


1 The Thing

2 Dawn of the Dead

3 Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

4 American Beauty

5 Pulp Fiction

6 Lady Snowblood

7 Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

8 Memento

9 The Usual Suspects

10 Princess and the Warrior

11 Terminator 2

12 Saw

13 The Princess Bride

14 They Call Her One Eye

15 Sushi Girl

16 Run Lola Run

17 Last Action Hero

18 The Pom Pom Girls

19 Django

20 Fifth Element

21 Total Recall

22 They Live

23 The Driver

24 Invasion of the Bee Girls

25 PoliceWomen

26 10 Violent Women

27 Master Touch

28 White Lightning

29 Detroit 9000

30 Planet Terror

31 Dirty Harry

32 Enter the Drazon

33 Robin Hood: Men in Tights

34 Assault on Pricinct 13

35 True Romance

36 The Wraith

37 The Yakuza

38 Robocop (1987)

39 Black Cobra

40 The Born Losers

41 Evil Dead 2

42 The Big Boss

43 Fargo

44 Once Upon A Time in the West

45 Master of the Flying Guillotine

46 The People Under the Stairs

47 Army of Darkness

48 The 36th Chamber

49 Predator 2

50 5 Fingers of Death

51 Big Lebowski

52 Robocop 2

53 Donnie Darko

54 SwitchBlade Sisters

55 The Candysnatchers

56 Tango and Cash

57 TNT Jackson

58 There Was a Crooked Man

59 Macon County Line

60 Imprudent Iron Phoenix

61 HighBallin'

62 Kill Bill 1 and 2

63 Black Moon Rising

64 Point Break

65 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

66 Two-Lane Blacktop

67 Paranormal Activity

68 Superman III

69 The Car

70 Boss

71 The Crow

72 Come Drink with Me

73 Fast Five

74 Drag Me to Hell

75 Iron Man 3

76 Neverending Story

77 The Chinese Connection

78 The Labyrinth

79 Breakfast Club

80 Godfather II

81 The Rocketeer

82 Die Hard 3

83 Race with the Devil

84 The Black Drazon

85 Beetlejuice

86 Watchmen

87 Home Alone 2

88 The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant

89 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

90 Chinese Hercules

91 Taxi Driver

92 From Beyond

93 Escape from New York

94 Five Deadly Venoms

95 Rolling Thunder

96 Brazil

97 The Hearse

98 Black Cadillac

99 Dead End

100 Moontrap






Hardcore Henry


Terror at the Red Wolf Inn


Futureworld (Peter Fonda)

Pretty Maids All in a Row

Devil Times Five

White Line Fever

Bobbi Jo and the Outlaw


Class of 1999


Hands of Steel

Rolling Vengeance

Certain Fury

The House That Screamed



Who needs streaming?

Here are some of my favorite movies on display in the movie room. (Click to zoom in on any photo found below)


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